ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) A property management company that owns tens of thousands of homes is getting a wake up call from Better Call Harry.

American Homes For Rent was "A" plus rate by the Better Business Bureau, but after Harry started investigating, the BBB started an investigation of its own.

When Nancy Moss rented her Lithonia home from American Homes For Rent, she didn't know that her landlord was Wallstreet. American Homes For Rent went public on the New York Stock Exchange in 2013. It owns and rents more than 50,000 properties.

A Youtube video for the company boasts, "We have an unbelievable group of employees, 680 employees that have made this day possible."

American Homes For Rent's CEO David Syngelin praises his employees, but what about his tenants? Turns out they're just another number.

When raw sewage started back flowing into the downstairs bathroom, Nancy's military training kicked in to overdrive.

"As the water was coming up I'm scooping, I'm pouring, I'm  scooping," explained Nancy.

Contaminated sewage got behind the baseboards and into the sheetrock. Nancy said American Homes For Rent dispatched a plumber 10 hours later.

"They did an evaluation, I noticed the person leaving and I said where are you going?," said Nancy. The plumber responded with, "I'm sorry American Homes For Rent is not authorizing us to go ahead and deal with the issues," she recounted.

Nancy put the kids in the master and the guinea pig in the garage. 

American Homes For Rent has little to say. In March we confronted management for not doing enough to stop a Craigslist rental scam. Criminals have been hijacking online listings, and posing as the owners. They even figured out how to access the home's lockboxes. People move in and then American Homes For Rent takes them to court to kick them out.

Dozens of tenants like Nancy have complained to us, nearly 1,000 more online.

Because of us, the BBB replaced the 'A plus' with an NR -- "Not Rated."

American Homes made some repairs to Nancy's home but they left mold, and then they blamed her for causing the flood. They want her to pay.

"There just aren't a lot of good options under the law for tenants in that situation," Erin Willoughby, who works with Atlanta Legal Aid.

Nancy will not be treated like a guinea pig for a Wallstreet company still playing with its business mode.

"Yeah, no it's not going to work." She gave written notice, broke her lease and moved out.

We've tried calls, emails and confronting manager at court.

Mr. Syngelyn, it's time to start taking stock in your customers. The BBB says it may be downgrading your company to an "F".

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