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Two years ago this March, we sold a house. At settlement, My husband's payment to Dekalb Water Shed did not post, so the attorney subtracted that amount. (About $1000). My 77 year old, partially disabled husband has traveled from Jasper to Decatur no fewer than 5 times, not including faxes and calls. Each time he goes, there is no dispute on their part that they owe us the money. Finally, the settlement attorney even documented the error. "Com back on...." "Fax us the information again." are all things he's heard over and over again. My husband is 77 and partially disabled. I am disabled and work at home full-time, so unable to accompany him to Decatur. If we didn't pay the water company $1000, interest would be compiling. We can't even get principal they admit they owe us. That $1000 could pay for a month of his medication. I have searched and can't find an agency at the State to help us. I've seen you solve many peoples' problems. We definitely need your help. My husband is getting less and less able for the trip and the 'arguments." (He is always pleasant.... too pleasant, I think.) I know you get a lot of requests. This is our first, as I'm generally able to fight my own battles. This one has me stumped, frustrated, and angry. Thanks for your consideration.


How do I contact Harry for help with a situation?

Allen Rogers

My aging parents are on SS income & were involved in an auto accident. It was not their fault, the officer ticketed the other driver (who was driving a company vehicle on a suspended license), & he was arrested. Their car was totaled & Progressive (after a great deal of delay) has refused to pay. There were only injured in a minor way, but are now out of transportation. They contracted a lawyer (who initially promissed to successfully get financial resolution but) has since refused to prosecute the case. Can you help ?

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