ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Today Better Call Harry has another quick fix, although this fix is more of an explanation.

Have you ever received a pink plastic bag at your door requesting a clothing donation? It is real or just another scam? Harry has the answer.

Willene McCarty didn't know what to make of the pink clothing donation bags left all over her apartment complex. The answer was supposed to be simple -- it's not.

The bags labeled "Clothing For A Cause" are also labelled Clothing When we called the number on the bag someone answered with a charity called Nspire.

We confirmed that Nspire outreach works with inmates and homeless people. It also operates a charity called "Hope For Domestic Violence."

"We help by providing immediate employment housing and food within the first 24-hours," said an Nspire employee. 

Nspire Outreach is registered with the Secretary of State, but it's got issues. The outreach is under investigation by the state's consumer protection division. We asked Nspire Outreach's founder Gregg Kennard about that.

"It doesn't seem to be anything major. Someone had some questions about some telephone calls we made. We'll certainly get back to them on that," said Kennard.

Kennard is a preacher and a Georgia State Representative. He says his charity clothes, houses and employs 70-80 people at undisclosed locations. But in 2016 Charity Navigator issued an advisory about Nspire -- because of "allegations of possible illegal activity, improper conduct, organization mismanagement and other matters of concern."

The BBB's non-profit watchdog says it's asked Nspire to disclose its financials three times with no success. Despite the red flags, Kennard says his organization has helped thousands.

"We are a strong program where many people look to us for help," added Kennard.

Willene, we know that once the pink bags are collected, they end up at a foreign-owned for-profit business called Park Avenue Thrift Store. Mr. Kennard says what Nspire doesn't use for its clients it sells to the store for $29,000, but with no disclosed financials we have no proof.

Willene, the bottom line is that we can't confirm that what you put in these pink bags goes to its intended donation. 

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