WOODSTOCK, Ga. (CBS46) -- Better Call Harry's story about a Woodstock couple's battle with a home elevator company and the contractor who walked off the job is transitioning from nightmare to fairytale.

Individual donors have contributed thousands of dollars, neighbors with a foundation called Every Link Matters contributed an additional $5000, and 3 elevator companies have offered to help.  In donations plus donated work and an elevator it adds up to nearly $50,000.

Genesis Elevator in Kennesaw says it completed plans this week to build and install a new elevator for Courtney and Brian Froy's disabled son, Tanner.

Tanner was born with an extremely rare genetic disorder called CDKL5. He cannot speak, eat or walk. The illness is defined by seizures which the Froys say happens every day.

“It was devastating. The world that I knew - that I was used to - was going to change forever,” Brian Froy said in a documentary video about the disorder.

“You almost have to go through a funeral,” his mother Courtney Froy said.

As Tanner got older, he got bigger. At 72 pounds, it makes transporting him in their three story home difficult.

So, in 2019, the Froy’s raised $25,000 dollars and in invested $25,000 dollars of their own to add an elevator. The elevator would allow them to move Tanner and his specialized wheelchair from the main floor to the basement, or to his bedroom on the second floor.

Two years later the Froys have a three-story shaft but no elevator. The installation stopped when the couple discovered their son’s chair wouldn’t fit.

“We can’t just roll any chair in there and we’re not going to send a child with a severe seizure disorder up and down by himself,” Brian Froy told CBS46’s Better Call Harry.

The Woodstock couple has filed a lawsuit against the elevator manufacturer REMI Home Elevators in Chattanooga and the local contractor who built the shaft, Shad Crawford.

Crawford says he made one mistake on the specs, but claims the work was done correctly.

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