ATLANTA (CBS46) -- When a 71-year-old grandmother called CBS46 News about a small sinkhole in her front yard, we realized, it was the least of her problems.

First, we found out that Jacqueline Robinson was driving herself to chemotherapy then in the middle of this story, her heat failed.

“What’s this past year been like for you? I hate to use this word, but it’s been pure hell for me,” said Jacqueline Robinson.

Robinson has stage four ovarian cancer, and she can barely drive herself to chemotherapy. Her heat is about to fail, and she’s worried about a hole in her yard.

When asked why she called CBS46 News, Robinson said, “I didn’t know what else to do. I had to try and do whatever I could to get help.” The hole was nothing compared to her health. “It’s hard because I’m always feeling sick,” she added.

Bob and Anne Carr are the founders of Common Courtesy a longtime non-profit that provides seniors with 500 rides a day. When we told them about Robinson, they wanted to give the news in person.

“What we’re going to do, we have funding for you, so you’re not going to have to drive.  We’re going to have a car pick you up,” Carr said.

“This is a gift from God. I knew they were going to send me a blessing I knew God was going to send a blessing. All of you are so wonderful so wonderful,” said Robinson.

For 20 years, Robinson managed the fragrance department at the South Dekalb Macy’s.

Jacqueline Robinson

Our visit was over, until two weeks later when her heat failed.

When we asked Robinson what she is doling to stay warm, she said, “well I’m under the blankets, I’ve got the heater in my room that’s all I’m doing right now staying under the blankets.”

The next day Coolray Heating and Air Conditioning donated a new furnace.  A spokesperson for the company says it has a special program for people in Robinson's situation.

“I’m so grateful, you just can’t imagine how much this means to me,” said Robinson.

Cool Ray

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