ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- The firing of a gun is not the greeting Better Call Harry expected, but that's what happened when Harry tried to confront a swimming pool contractor. Some of his customers say he took more than $100,000 for little to no work at all.

Last week, the contractor was arrested. He's out of jail, but as Harry explains, he's not out of trouble.

After spending the night in jail, deputies escorted John H. Barrow into a Jackson County courtroom near Athens. He skipped his last hearing.

"That hearing was on the 30th of May 2019, you did not appear at that hearing," said the judge.

This time Barrow did appear after the judge had him arrested. A lot of people aren't happy with Barrow and his company Precision Pools and Spas. This couple, the Sorahs, gave Barrow more than $15,000 and got nothing.

"He's lied to us, he's lied to our children, our family, he's stolen money from us that's not his and tried to justify it," said Christina Sorah.

The Sorahs are on the list of customers we've identified who claim they gave Barrow payments totaling $125,000. Including the Taylors, they gave Barrow more than $40,000, and for that, they got a hole in the ground.

Not long after Harry's attempt to pay Barrow a visit, we learned that he was under investigation by the state's consumer protection division. But that is not why he's here in court.

After spending a night in jail, the court made him list all assets worth $10 or more.

Christina Sorah left no stone unturned.

"Under the furniture making sure we include dining room tables, couches, lamps, desks, beds, drumsets, stereo equipment."

Barrow returned $10,000 of the Sorah's deposit, but he still owes another $5,000.

"I feel very fortunate for the amount of money he owes us compared to some of the others," Sorah.

One of the couples in that hearing got a judgement for $20,000. Barrow told Better Call Harry he wants to make things right with customers.

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