ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) Better Call Harry needs to get a bullet proof vest after this story.

Harry had just tracked down a pool contractor at his home near Athens when someone started firing a shotgun. His customers say the contractor took tens of thousands of dollars for little or no work at all.

Sometimes it is wise to keep your distance, especially when you're at the end of nowhere lane. Harry showed up at John H. Barrow's home and just as he considered knocking on the door he heard a shotgun blast.

If Barrow was home, he surely was not happy. Barrow owns Precision Pools and Spas near Athens, Georiga. We came to get answers about the way Precision Pools and Spas does business. The website showcases fancy pools, Barrow's latest project is more, how shall we say --- down to earth.

Sandra Taylor and her husband retired from Washington D.C. to Loganville to be closer to family. They hired Barrow to build the backyard of their dreams. He was A plus rated by the BBB, but his work for Sandra is an F.

Sandra said for $40,906.33 Barrow worked a total of 11 days. That's $3,336 per day. The Taylor's signed a contract for a pool, a fire pit and a walkway gazebo. Instead they ended up with a big hole in the ground.

Barrow no longer takes calls, and we have a guess why. The state's Consumer Protection Division is investigating because of repeated complaints. Mr. Barrow dug himself into a hole. Reviews on Yelp say things like, "Stay away from John, do not do business with him."

"It would be nice he'd do the right thing and step up and give us our money back. Otherwise, stop ripping people off."

We were hoping Mr. Barrow would chat. Two shots fired and that's our cue to leave.

The guy owes the Taylors $40,000 -- money paid for with an inheritance -- and what happens next? Someone called the police on us.

When Harry talked to Mr. Barrow's attorney, he thought the call was about someone else suing his client. 

The insurance company for Precision Pools and Spas met with the Taylors, and they are hoping to recoup some of their losses.

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