ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- The Better Call Harry Team has received dozens of emails from viewers with questions and concerns related to receiving benefits from the Georgia Department of Labor.

Lately, we are hearing a lot about one issue: people who have not received their benefits, though their fellow employees have.
Cheryl Chew is one of those people. Chew made 85 calls to GDOL for answers. The response? "We will have someone call you. Please don't leave another message." Because of the backlog, no one has called yet.
Better Call Harry learned that because Chew had already received unemployment benefits last year, she wasn't eligible for state benefits now. But she is eligible for federal benefits.
Chew has this message for everyone waiting on unemployment benefits.
"It's going to be okay. Just relax. It is coming. You're not doing anything wrong, and they're just over-swamped in returning everyone's call. But it is coming."

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I have been attempting to contact the ga department of labor since March concerning unemployment benefits. The electronic message tells me to leave a message and someone will return my call, no one with the ga dept of labor has returned my call. I have left detailed messages on the ga dol website regarding my benefits, no one has returned my messages.

What can be done regarding state employees who do not complete their paid duties at the expense of individuals who need unemployment insurance they have paid for through the years?


I have been trying to contact the Georgia Department of Labor for 6 weeks now thru email and voice messages and I have not received a single return call.

the number to the Atlanta region office is busy from 7:55 a.m. until the office closes at 4 p.m. if and when the phone rings they pick up and hang up, so you receive no message telling you to leave a message.

I received 2 payments and when it came to my 3rd payment I never received it. they politely skipped a whole weeks pay and gave me the following weeks pay.

it seems as if they are trying to avoid the citizens and hopes this goes away before having to pay anyone a single dollar.

I think the state governments should be audited to determine if they are distributing the funds or withholding these funds from the citizens to later pay themselves bonuses for keeping as much of the money as possible.

you will be lucky of the GDOL returns your call before the state reopens, then they can avoid paying anyone

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