WOODSTOCK, Ga. (CBS46) -- Update: Courtney and Brian Froy, along with their 8-year-old son Tanner, took their first ride on a new home elevator, ending two years of heartache, headaches, and backaches. 

For years, the Froys have been carrying their 75-pound, severely-disabled son up and down three flights of stairs. Tanner suffers from a rare genetic disorder called CDKL5, leaving him unable to talk, move, or eat on his own. The disorder is characterized by almost-daily seizures. 

Genesis Elevator Company constructed and donated the elevator, while Paul Raygor with Restoration Construction reconfigured the existing elevator shaft after a local contractor built it too small for Tanner's specialized wheelchair. 

The couple originally paid contractor Shad Conroy $26,000 to build the elevator shaft. After abandoning the job, Conroy admitted to CBS46's Better Call Harry that he is not a licensed general contractor in Georgia. Due to a mismeasurement, the elevator was never installed.

Crawford came recommended by a REMI Home Elevator salesman, headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The manufacturer's owner, former mayoral candidate Michelle Peterson, agreed to return the couple's $16,000 payment, according to the Froys' attorney, ending a two-year legal saga.

After the story aired in May, CBS46 viewers donated $13,000 to the couple's GoFundMe, while several elevator companies offered to help. Genesis and Restoration Construction ultimately completed the unfinished project in less than 2 months.

Genesis's CEO, Jay Arntzen, was there to witness the event along with Noah Magrane, an installer who quit REMI to work for Genesis.   

"This really was a calling," Arntzen told Better Call Harry, "I’ve been in this business for 35 years, and I have been responsible for 100 story buildings, multiple elevators, and I’ve never had more joy delivering an elevator than I have today."

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