ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- It's always good when your Amazon package arrives.

But if there's no receipt or return address, or nothing identifying the company, the Better Business Bureau says you have been targeted.

Brandi Zaccardi is a vice president with the BBB.

"So over the past couple of weeks my husband and I noticed that we were starting to get these packages from Amazon that we did not order," Zaccardi told Better Call Harry. "Things like this beautiful Chanel scarf sent to my husband because he wears these in the summer."

The BBB says overseas companies are using Amazon to send inexpensive products in an effort to boost their online status.

"Behind the scenes what’s really going on is that they are using your personal information to create what’s called a verified buyer," said Zaccardi. "So that company can then turn around and use that information as if you are a true consumer."

First the company sends the product, and then it posts a positive review -- posing as you. More stars means more business.

How did they get the information? Zaccardi believes her Amazon account was hacked. Amazon says its accounts are not being hacked, but if a customer is charged, the charge will be reversed.

What do you do with the product?

According to the BBB, once it is delivered, you get to keep it. But you need to change your account information and your password if you've been hacked.

The BBB adds this guidance:

Brushing and fake reviews are against Amazon’s policies, so contact Amazon Customer Service if this happens to you and the product appears to come from Amazon. They will investigate and take action on the bad actor. Go directly to Amazon’s website to get their contact information. The company also takes security seriously and encourages customers to report fraudulent purchases or other security issues. If the preference is to contact them by phone; be cautious of searching for support phone numbers.

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