ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- The list of complaints about American Homes for Rent is growing. If you haven't heard about this company, you need to.

It doesn't matter what you pay in rent. If your landlord promises to fix things in the lease he or she needs to fix it. But what happens when you landlord is a company funded by Wallstreet?

We've been telling you about American Homes For Rent for a year. It started with stories about would be tenants who got caught up in an online rental scam. Instead of working out a deal, American Homes For Rent kicked them out, but that was just the beginning. 

We started seeing a pattern of complaints from real tenants having problem after problem. In fact, wen we went to the Buckhead office, the first guy we met was another frustrated tenant.

We found one tenant charged for a sewage backflow, another charged for a new lawn that never grew.

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exposing American Homes 4 Rent

Philip Irby is one of the questionable staff members working at American Homes 4 Rent who has contributed greatly to the companies decline over recent times. He began working at AH4R in Las Vegas Nevada back in March 2019 after being let go from The Cosmopolitan Casino.

Philip Irby single-handedly implemented an array of unmanageable, radical business processes, unfriendly rental management rules and unscaleable I.T solutions which left the companies renters out of pocket to the tune of thousands of dollars in addition to attracting a great deal of negative publicity for the company as is evident by the negative reviews found within this article.

Such horrific reviews from disgruntled rental clients have in most cases given rise to an increased number of lawsuits against American Homes 4 Rent including class actions. A companies success or failure in this case should not be determined by any one staff member. Such a catastrophic decline in public confidence for American Homes 4 Rent could have been easily avoided if stakeholders and higher management had been paying closer attention to the daily activities of certain staff members. [thumbdown][thumbdown][thumbdown]

[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]About Time Philip Irby got Fired. He enjoyed firing everyone in the I.T Dept. in the American Homes 4 Rent head office in Agoura Hills CA, see how he likes being TERMINATED ! Couldn't have happened to a more deserving person.[tongue][beam]



I agree with all the comments. PLease dont consider renting from them. You can NEVER reach the property managers to actually talk to them. I spent $500 on a roof issue where i had rodents coming in and they refused reimbursement. I have had numerous issues in the past claming nothing was wrong with my ac when it was over 90 degrees in the house. I jsut filed complaint on bbb but not sure it will help. I wish i would have seen reviews before i rented from them.


You guys need to contact your local mayor and your commissioners office immediately


We have been renting for going n 5yrs. They have been here 1time to change the front door and thats it. Now we have been asking for a pool key for 5yrs and now they tell us that the HOA is having a problem with our lawn. And that we need to have it done professionally witch means more money. We pay $ 1,795.00 in rent plus utilitutilities, maintenance, sewerage and amenities that we don't have access to . They need to be stopped or put on a watch list for slum loard.


This company has major complaints, not sure why any city would invite them to the suburbs. You can actually own a home an pay less and to include your Utilities in with your rent as well.. can everyone please email me: This can not continue! They are building in Gwinnett County off of Temple Road and in Grayson the ave rent is 1700 to 1800 which is outrageous, makes you wonder if the Commissioners are involved...


Has anyone heard anything concerning this matter with this company.. My sister is going through the exact same thing, just moved out of one of there home and they kept her whole deposit.. $1850.. Stating the house was damage beyond normal ware and tare.. She left the house in move in condition. This company is horrible.. Please if anyone has any info concerning this company or any follow ups. Please contact her at..


I am currently renting from this company in Dallas. I can't tell you the deplorable condition the house was in when I moved in. They don't even do basic cleaning. And getting repairs done or getting in touch with management is like pulling teeth. My lease is up in May and I can assure you that if they try and keep my deposit, there is going to be an attorney involved. They are scam artists. None of the money they collect is put into the upkeep of the houses. They consider things like painting and cleaning carpet "cosmetic" and refuse to do it. I have complained about this bunch on Yelp and anywhere else I can get the message out. I deal with the West Cobb office. Please stay on top of this story and let's try to get these crooks exposed and make them toe the line. NEVER, EVER CONSIDER RENTING FROM THIS COMPANY.


Hi there currently going through the same thing with this horrible company. Have you heard anything about any action being taken against them


My family has rented from them, for years. They complained about the trees in the yard, for over a year. AH4R did nothing. One day at close to 2 am, that tree came down, taking another with it. And, it crashed through the master bedroom wall, leaving a 4x2 hole. Blew out the windows in that room too. It also crashed through the living room and dining room, downstairs, blowing out windows. It sent their daughter to the ER with glass in her eyes. AH4R was called, and it took them 4-days to come out. Once out, they poorly boarder up the massive hole in the wall. They boarded up, again poorly, the blown out windows, upstairs and downstairs. They then said that they would fix everything. 8-weeks later, still nothing fixed. They said that they couldn't fix it because they still lived there! Finally my family moved to another one of their homes, 2-miles away. Within 1-week, they had that house repaired and fired rent...for $400 a month more! And, they charged them $1,500.00 of their deposit for "repairs." Not their why are they being charged their deposit for repairs!! Seriously...

At this new place, they have rats who have gotten into the attic and are dead. AH4R basically stated that this is not their problem. Even though my family has complained about this, since they moved in.

My family has been with AH4R for almost 5-years. They will NEVER, and I mean NEVER, rent from these people again!! And, we all recommend that you don't rent from them either!!


I have been renting from them for over four years and this year has been heck. We had a water leak that took them a few months to repair so we ended up with three $400 + water bills. After 20 or so emails I got a total of $100 credit, but I was late on my rent because the agent told me to pay all rent and utilities minus the water so she could see about credit and because of that they added either a $50 or a $75 late fee on me. They then took my credits away and still charged me the late fee. I have so many unanswered emails that I sent to our agent and her supervisor, but nothing. I am also being billed $19 a month for trash pickup and I live in Gwinnett Co. AH4R says contact the utilities company (conservice) because they don’t charge me and conservice tells me it’s AH4R that’s charging me, that’s over $220 a year.

They also like to jack the rent up $100 a month at every lease renewal. You would think that if you had a good tenant that pays on time you would want to reward them, not here. If I didn’t have such great neighbors I would have been gone a long time ago.


We moved out of one of their rentals in Kennesaw a Georgia one week ago. The inspector said that he was pleased and said, “ I’m not supposed to say this but you will probably get most of your deposit back.” We had the home professionally cleaned and also carpet cleaners. We painted and fixed any minor issues. I was told today that I would be sent 500 of the 1650 deposit. No idea as of yet what they are considering for deductions but I can say that the home was probably left in better condition.

I will be glad to help in anyway exposing this organization for what it is. I was told to contact my property manager but they can never be reached to begin with nor return phone calls/emails.

I intend to hire an attorney as well.

Contact me at


I would not ever tell anyone to rent from this company they have got to be the worst company to ever deal with.


I would never recommend that anyone ever rent from this company. They hike the rent with each lease renewal like crazy. It's very difficult to get things fixed and I've just gone ahead and repaired some things myself since I was tired of dealing with them. The house was dirty when I moved in. There was animal hair all through the carpets. There was a serious insect infestation. They put as little money as possible into maintaining these homes. Definitely keep covering this company because they need to be exposed.


Pls email me: and reference this story thank you


I have FINALLY completed my lease with these people. I got my itemized list of issues from these people – and it’s a pretty crazy list.

My favorite is where they literally took a picture of a door leading to the garage and sent me a bill telling me the deadbolt is missing. [There was never one – like there is no hole]. Its crazy. $3 per light bulb. Caps to the washer dryer line. Tighten toilet seats.

In Georgia – at least in my area - AH4R includes the utilities and a utility billing fee as part of the monthly charges. Has anyone ever had the feeling that you were being gouged? I closed on my house in August. The rental has been empty for 60 days with the thermostat at 77. My power bill still went up for Sept/Oct.

Has anyone tried suing in smalls claims court? I am lucky in that their corporate represent is in Gwinnett near me. I really feel like these guys are able to get away with anything – I need to fight back – I need some small moral victory.


We’re renting in Georgia too. Maintenance is a joke but utilities are in our name.


Pls email me: and reference this story thank you


Are you pursuing legal action? We would be happy to help in anyway to confirm their credibility is garbage.


Pls email me: and reference this story thank you


I rented from ah4r for about 3.5 yrs until recently in may when I couldn't take it anymore. I would absolutely never rent from this company again. Their customer service and care is absolutely poor! When I moved out I was told from someone there were a few minor things that needed to be fixed (example light bulbs and a chip in wall paint. Things I didn't get a chance to complete before moving) and they tried to charge me my whole $1200 deposit AND said I owed an additional $200. I was absolutely baffled!!! The house was pretty darn close to move in ready. I went over the list and they ended up charging me for every ridiculous thing you could think of! Brush that was in the back from when I moved in, wear and tear on the outside window frames etc! I considered filing a complaint with the board of realtors however, I haven't had the chance with a constantly sick infant and another child with lots of medical needs so I took it as a loss :/ I hope something gets done about this company. People work hard for their money, family and home and should be treated as so and not feel cheated.


Pls email me: and reference this story thank you


These people are the absolute worst. They took our deposit and said we owed almost a grand. They turned me over to collections after refusing to pay. They seriously need investigated further because they treat people terrible. They are thieves and liars


Thank you for covering this! We are currently renting from this company and I can confirm that anytime I've gone to the office the door is locked and no one is ever there. We've gone through multiple property managers and was never notified. We don't even know who our property manager is at this time or have any contact information. It has not been a pleasant experience and we are all happy to be moving out next month. Take videos of the managers doing the move out inspection!!! We've heard stories of people receiving extra charges upon move out that wasn't discussed or pointed out during the final inspection.


Pls email me: and reference this story thank you


We currently rent with this company in Huntersville, NC. We had to get a lawyer to deal with them. This is the worst rental home company that I have ever worked with.


Any updates?

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