ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- The list of complaints about American Homes for Rent is growing. If you haven't heard about this company, you need to.

It doesn't matter what you pay in rent. If your landlord promises to fix things in the lease he or she needs to fix it. But what happens when you landlord is a company funded by Wallstreet?

We've been telling you about American Homes For Rent for a year. It started with stories about would be tenants who got caught up in an online rental scam. Instead of working out a deal, American Homes For Rent kicked them out, but that was just the beginning. 

We started seeing a pattern of complaints from real tenants having problem after problem. In fact, wen we went to the Buckhead office, the first guy we met was another frustrated tenant.

We found one tenant charged for a sewage backflow, another charged for a new lawn that never grew.

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I have FINALLY completed my lease with these people. I got my itemized list of issues from these people – and it’s a pretty crazy list.

My favorite is where they literally took a picture of a door leading to the garage and sent me a bill telling me the deadbolt is missing. [There was never one – like there is no hole]. Its crazy. $3 per light bulb. Caps to the washer dryer line. Tighten toilet seats.

In Georgia – at least in my area - AH4R includes the utilities and a utility billing fee as part of the monthly charges. Has anyone ever had the feeling that you were being gouged? I closed on my house in August. The rental has been empty for 60 days with the thermostat at 77. My power bill still went up for Sept/Oct.

Has anyone tried suing in smalls claims court? I am lucky in that their corporate represent is in Gwinnett near me. I really feel like these guys are able to get away with anything – I need to fight back – I need some small moral victory.


I rented from ah4r for about 3.5 yrs until recently in may when I couldn't take it anymore. I would absolutely never rent from this company again. Their customer service and care is absolutely poor! When I moved out I was told from someone there were a few minor things that needed to be fixed (example light bulbs and a chip in wall paint. Things I didn't get a chance to complete before moving) and they tried to charge me my whole $1200 deposit AND said I owed an additional $200. I was absolutely baffled!!! The house was pretty darn close to move in ready. I went over the list and they ended up charging me for every ridiculous thing you could think of! Brush that was in the back from when I moved in, wear and tear on the outside window frames etc! I considered filing a complaint with the board of realtors however, I haven't had the chance with a constantly sick infant and another child with lots of medical needs so I took it as a loss :/ I hope something gets done about this company. People work hard for their money, family and home and should be treated as so and not feel cheated.


These people are the absolute worst. They took our deposit and said we owed almost a grand. They turned me over to collections after refusing to pay. They seriously need investigated further because they treat people terrible. They are thieves and liars


Thank you for covering this! We are currently renting from this company and I can confirm that anytime I've gone to the office the door is locked and no one is ever there. We've gone through multiple property managers and was never notified. We don't even know who our property manager is at this time or have any contact information. It has not been a pleasant experience and we are all happy to be moving out next month. Take videos of the managers doing the move out inspection!!! We've heard stories of people receiving extra charges upon move out that wasn't discussed or pointed out during the final inspection.


We currently rent with this company in Huntersville, NC. We had to get a lawyer to deal with them. This is the worst rental home company that I have ever worked with.

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