ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Candise Menefee happily assisted family and friends with their recent unemployment claims.

"I signed my mother up, two nephews, two of my neighbors," Menefee told Better Call Harry. "In my position, I have to deal with unemployment a lot."

But the hotel manager would need Harry's help with her own claim.

Menefee was an assistant general manager for a Marriott Residence Inn. Last fall, she moved from Georgia to open a new Residence Inn in West Palm Beach, Florida. But when Covid-19 hit, Marriott canceled the project and her job.

It's been nearly four months since Menefee filed her claim with the Georgia Department of Labor. The people she helped received their benefits, but she did not.

When Menefee ran out of money she sent her son Caleb back to Georgia to live with his grandparents. Menefee is behind on rent and her car is going to be repossessed.

"My son is very smart and he’s a happy kid and doesn’t ask for much," Menefee said. "But to be able to say you’ve got to go back with Grandma because I know without a shadow of a doubt Grandma will be able to keep groceries in the refrigerator, she will be able to pick up what I can’t. And it bothers me because I should be taking care of my parents, not my parents taking care of me."

Menefee's case is complicated. Because she moved, Georgia's Department of Labor had to contact Florida's Department of Labor.

"So we just got off the phone with Georgia's Department of Labor," Harry told her, "and they have confirmed that you will be getting all of your funds, over $9,000."

Menefee's reaction was priceless.

"Shut the front door; you’re telling stories!"

"Like you have no idea how hopeless I had become."

"You don’t understand the pressure that just took off me and my family, you have no idea."

"I’m going to get Caleb. I’m going to get my baby."

"I’m getting on the road like as soon as we’re done with this. I’m going to get Caleb. He’s coming home."

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