ATLANTA (CBS46) - Spring break is just around the corner, and summer vacation trips are not far behind.

But concerns over the potential spread of coronavirus has many people questioning whether they need to cancel their plans. But what about those who are taking a vacation now?

Zaria Davis and her friends are on the Carnival Cruise ship Horizon this week. No one on the Horizon has coronavirus, but the illness has affected the trip. Passengers paid for stops in ports in Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. But after the ship left port, Carnival couldn’t get clearance to dock in Jamaica or Grand Cayman.

In a statement to CBS46 News, Carnival explained:

“We understand some guests will be disappointed and trust they will understand that this decision is being made to protect their vacation and maximize their experience with us.

Our CEO Arnold Donald had met with leaders from the Caribbean on Sunday to let them know we needed more certainty, and based on the absence of certainty, we implemented our decision.”

Carnival decided to change all three stops, substituting Grand Turk, Nassau and the Dominican Republic. An announcement was made to the passengers one day into the trip.

For Zaria Davis, it was a bit of a disappointment since she had been to those places before. She and her friends are still having fun, though, and realize things could have been much worse.

Davis’s mother reached out to Better Call Harry about compensation. A Carnival spokesman told Harry, “We refunded all excursions that guests booked and we offered a full schedule of excursions at the new ports that were offered.” But Davis can’t expect more. Changing destinations is always a possibility with a cruise. It’s in the contract, so you wouldn’t receive compensation.

So what can travelers do? Purchase trip insurance before you go. But get the premium coverage where you can cancel for any reason. The standard, less expensive, coverage wouldn’t apply.

You can read Carnival’s Travel Health Advisory.

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