ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- The CBS46 Bulldog has obtained nearly a thousand pages of what are said to be encrypted dark web chat logs containing racist and violent conversations.

Representatives with Atlanta Antifascists, claim members of the violent white supremacy group "The Base" regularly post there.

We were provided their encrypted handles, but aren't naming the individual posters. We looked at some of the messages in the chat, many read (grammatical errors included):

"..Will be no shortage of n---er babies to eat."

"Did he shoot them? Don't answer that, but tell him, 'no body, no crime.'"

"...Some other fa---ots who live around here."

"...Some filthy lurking j-w."

" k--es n---ers or fa---ots."

"Antifa all get the rope."

"The Base," according to police and court documents, are accused of plotting to start a race war. Earlier this month three reported members were arrested by Georgia and federal authorities for plotting to kill a Bartow County couple.

A representative of Atlanta Antifascists, one of the group's primary targets, confirmed to CBS46 that the intended victims were not members of their organization. But according to police, its believed "The Base" thought they were.

Luke Austin Lane, Michael Helterbrand and Jacob Kaderli were each arrested. All under 25, and all with murder and hate on their minds, according to investigators.

Informants say the operation, run out of a Silver Creek base camp, featured regular arms training. But the online recruiting and planning are done in the semi-secret chat rooms, say authorities.

In the documents we obtained, threats are made against blacks, Jews, gays and Antifa.

This new electronic way of plotting has law enforcement trying to keep up. The plot to kill that innocent Bartow County couple was foiled because the three arrested were infiltrated and stopped just in time.

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