JEFFERSON, Ga. (CBS46) -- Confusion and concern lingers after a second grade student who brought a steak knife to school is set to return to class.

It all started with a game of cops and robbers on the Jefferson Elementary School playground, the principal says.

One of those students playing was a seven-year-old wearing a police badge. The next day the student returned to school with a steak knife in his backpack and a list of his classmates.

You can imagine the fear that was set off in students and parents. 

"The children [interviewed] stated, he said it was a ticket list. When we interviewed him, he said 'this is a ticket list, its my criminals'," said principal Annette Beckwith. 

Talk of there being a "kill list," as some are calling it, isn't true according to the school.

Why the knife?

"When asked about the knife, all he stated was, I just put it in my bookbag this morning. When we asked a little more, he didn't really have a 'why'," she added.

One parent, who didn't want to be identified, told CBS46 her son saw the child pull out the knife and place it on a table. The principal says however, the knife never came out of the bag. 

The student was interviewed and police were notified.

There was no perceived threat, so, the second-grader was disciplined and will soon return to school.

Parents of those who saw the knife were notified of the incident, "The ones that were in the classroom," the principal says. But not all, which may have led to rumors and misinformation. Something that will soon be under review.

The principal says she and district leaders will meet soon to discuss if policy should change in regards to how these incidents are communicated to parents.

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