ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- A heated dispute over the police response to an attempted abduction of a young student in Atlanta, reached a boiling point Thursday. the CBS46 Bulldog reported exclusively

Its all over a story The Bulldog exclusively broke on Tuesday.

An elementary school student claimed a man with a gun pointed to her head tried to lure her off the playground at Deerwood Academy Monday.

Atlanta police told us Tuesday, APS and its own police force waited more than four hours to properly report the incident to them, resulting in a limited response. APD says they could have assisted sooner.

APS fired back Thursday, saying, APS police told APD about the crime within ten minutes. 

APS released the following statement:

“The Atlanta Public Schools Police Department (APSPD) is continuing its investigation into an allegation made by a student that a man with a gun attempted to abduct the student from the playground at Deerwood Academy on Monday, October 7. Based on a detailed timeline developed as part of this investigation, APSPD became aware of this incident at 1:36 p.m. that day, immediately dispatched officers to the scene, began the investigation and notified the Atlanta Police Department dispatch at 1:46 p.m., not four to six hours later as has been erroneously reported. 

In addition, Atlanta Public Schools has protocols in place to ensure that all students are supervised and accounted for at all times, which was the case when this incident allegedly happened. While there is no fence around the play area, we strategically place school personnel to monitor the students and watch for anyone coming onto the property. As this investigation continues, we want to assure the community that we take this incident very seriously and that the safety and security of our students and staff remains our top priority.”

In response, APD sent the following strongly worded statement:

"The idea that the Atlanta Public Schools Police Department believes that a single phone call placed to a dispatch desk suffices as “notice” of a serious assault against a child is laughable at best, or poor police work, at worst. Reaching out to the local zone commander more than four hours after the incident was grossly inadequate for us to mobilize our resources for immediate assistance. We suggest strongly they take a hard look at their protocols when it concerns child safety."

The school system has yet to say if the facts of the incident have changed; and if not, how a child could have been approached by a gunman, and no staff noticed. 

By Thursday evening, APS released the findings of their investigation.

The Atlanta Public Schools Police Department (APSPD) has completed its investigation into an allegation made by a Deerwood Academy student that a man with a gun attempted to abduct that student from the playground on Monday, October 7. The evidence collected, including the surveillance footage, testimonials from students and adults and the timeline of events does not support the student’s allegation of being attacked on the playground by an armed man. APSPD has notified the student’s family that these allegations are unfounded.

In addition, the investigation determined that school safety protocols were in place, ensuring that all students were supervised and accounted for at all times, including during the time of the alleged incident. APSPD dispatch recordings confirm that APSPD contacted the Atlanta Police Department 10 minutes after being made aware of the allegations. Further, as a courtesy, APS Police Chief Ronald Applin contacted APD’s local commander at the end of the day (6:00 p.m.) to ensure that APD was fully aware of the incident.

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I wouldn't call it "laughable" but a just plain lie to gain notoriety in the news and at school

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