STOCKBRIDGE, Ga. (CBS46) - A local doctor is under investigation for the unauthorized distribution of drugs.  We have also learned of at least one police complaint filed alleging sexual battery.

Stockbridge Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Dr. John Patrick Schilling, is facing charges for unauthorized distribution and dispensation.

His medical license remains active. His office, Schilling Women’s Center, continues to remain open for business and some people who CBS46 reporter Melissa Stern spoke to said that is concerning.

John Patrick Schilling, 69, was arrested September 27, 2019, and bonded out the same day.

His case is currently under investigation by the Henry County District Attorney's Office, pending presentment to the grand jury.

He is charged with unauthorized distribution and dispensation; refusal or failure to keep records; refusal to permit inspection; and unlawfully maintaining structure or place.

CBS46 News reporter Melissa Stern showed up at his office for comment, but was told he was not there.

She also tried a home address, but no one came to the door.

On top of that, we obtained a police report from April of 2018, where one of his former patients described being sexually assaulted by schilling while sedated.

The report says she was having a cosmetic procedure done, and while the nurse was not paying attention, she says he sexually assaulted her. The victim says quote, “she was moving her lips but was unable to speak to say stop.”

A captain with the Henry County Sheriff’s Office told CBS46 the pending drug investigation is being handled by the drug task force.

The State Medical Board’s website also says Dr. Schilling has hospital privileges at Piedmont Henry Hospital, but their media representative told Melissa that is not true, and Dr. Schilling is not authorized to practice in any Piedmont Hospital Facilities.

Melissa also reached out to the Medical Board who would not confirm whether they were aware of these allegations or not but confirmed they do not take action against doctors until there is a conviction.

Schilling's attorney, Lynne Borsuk, sent Melissa the following statement Thursday afternoon:

Ms. Stern, I represent Dr. Schilling. He denies the charges and will not have further comment.

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(7) comments

Robyn Huguely

I am one of his patients as well, I don’t believe the sexual assault either. I have had 3 surgeries with him and his nurse is there in the room at all times ( the comment of her not paying attention is laughable). I have never experienced any issues with him or his staff... I pray his has victory in both situations..


I am a patient there too. I have never been molested by Dr. Schilling, however, I would not discount that experience of other patients. It amazes me that when a person especially a female reports a sexual misconduct or rape, that females who know the suspect will defend them with simply because it didn't happen to them. That is one of the most ignorant forms of defense. You are not the measure of a person's guilt or innocence unless it also happened to you. No one said he molested EVERY patient. Then your defense for him would have merit.

That is the reason women don't report sexual assaults. Trust me every female has either been sexually assaulted or knows of someone who has been sexually assaulted. 90% of them never tell anyone because of people like you. Heaven forbid you ever have a daughter who is molested. I can tell you now, that she won't come and tell you because it may be your favorite uncle or neighbor and she already knows you will take their side simply because they never touched you. Did you ever stop to think that you are just not their type?


Thank you for doing this story, Melissa. As the facts come out in this story, I hope you will continue to report on them. There is a lot going on here that has not come out in the news media.


Dr. Schilling did my surgery at Piedmont Henry hospital. I also don't understand how a doctor is not authorized to dispense meds. I don't believe the sexual allegation. He ALWAYS has his nurse in the room with him.

Robyn Huguely

True... they always there in the room with him


When I was being examined by a male OB-gyn, a female was in the office. That doctor sexually molested me while she was right there. I was 17 at the time and this was my first gyn exam, but I was very uncomfortable and did not feel what he did was medical. The female was standing near my head talking to me the whole time. She could not see what he was doing. I never went back to him again.


Just because you are a doctor does not mean you have freedom to give out any medication. Doctors can only give prescriptions and medications they are authorized to give according to their field. Does your podiatrist prescribe your birth control pills? RU 486 is an abortion pill, but only approved doctors can dispense it. Other doctors, for example can obtain it illegally and dispense it, but they run the risk of getting caught, and many do get caught. Can you say, Dr. Schilling?

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