ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- There is a good vibe inside the celeb styles barbershop on main street in Snellville, even after the owner received an offensive letter in the mail.

“After receiving that letter, it really broke my heart because that’s not who we are. We are a community-based barbershop. We are here for the people. We want to service all people. Everybody is welcome,” Owner Carl Sylvain said.

The same letter was sent to neighboring businesses like Gravity Trampoline Park and Burn Boot Camp.

And this is what the letter said...

“To whom it may concern, we in the Snellville community want it to be known we don't want anymore 'n-word' businesses in our community. We want gravity, celeb barbershop and boot camp gone. Too many 'n-word' businesses... We will not support them.”

Racist Letter

“That’s not a reflection of the whole city of Snellville, that’s just a reflection of one narrow-minded individual,” Sylvain said.

Sylvain went on to say the letter is offensive and heartbreaking and whoever sent it knows nothing about them.

“We've been here for about eight months and within the first two months of being here we did a major charity event where we gave away 200 free haircuts, we gave away school supplies, we gave away 500 book bags,” Sylvain said.


“Anyone that comes in here, comes back. It’s the vibe and tone that we set and the things that we try to do for the community,” Stylist Anthony Ramos said.

“In the spirit of being charitable because that’s who we are anyone who is watching this the first ten people who walk through the door I’m offering the first haircut free. The first ten people,” Sylvain said.

The business owners have filed a police report, but right now there is not a lot of evidence to work with since those letters showed up in the mail.

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(3) comments

Mr Fred Hampton

I would say this is ridiculous but it's not, its historical content. To simply say it's ridiculous would be defaming myself and others. Slavery was ridiculous because the full potential and mental capacity of a black person wasn't yet realized.

Now that you know full well the potential of all men an women of every hue, this is plain old bigotry and fear of the boogie coming back to settle a score.

Who knows rather its our pedigree or the whip of long lost days black people mean you no harm, its just not natural to hate for the sake of hating.

When you say make America great again, which one are you referring to , because there's several. Stop the madness and join the HUMAN race.

If we are ever to rid our selves of ignorance the HUMAN race must come first.

Peace and goodwill towards all men.


Mr. Hampton, Your comment makes as much sense as anything I have ever read. Well said, sir.


There's over 200 Black-owned businesses in Snellville, I honestly don't believe he can afford that many stamps. This is 2020, not 1950, wake up!!!

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