ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) The Atlanta Police Department said responding to rampant crime at the nations top retailer is taxing their resources in a big way.

Now, the Bulldog Crime Patrol is questioning if it's the best use of tax dollars and police manpower.

"Walmarts are just huge magnets for crime," said Georgia State crime analyst Dean Dabney, who took us on a driving tour by one of the Atlanta locations.

And don't just take his word for it.

"They call for a $3 theft or a $300 theft," said Deputy Chief Jeff Glazier, with the field operations division of the Atlanta Police Department.

Despite Walmart's five-year ongoing attempt at addressing things nationwide, "We have multiple shoplifting or fight calls at any store," added Glazier.

On the ground, local police departments said their resources are being pulled to a multi-billion dollar retailer more than capable of implementing its own measures to deter crime.

"Its the police departments and taxpayers that are footing the bill for all the security, because Walmart wont do it," said Glazier.

A Bulldog analysis of APD data shows, of the two Walmarts in APD's jurisdiction --one on Howell Mill Road and one on MLK Jr. drive-- 1,590 calls were made in the past year. And that's not including regular officer drop-ins that deter crime.

And the pull is having real life consequences.

"Its thousands and thousands of man hours, so just think of the patrol hours where they're not in neighborhoods, and they're not at other businesses, and they're not doing traffic stops, and they're not doing proactive enforcement," added Glazier.

We reached out to Walmart. They asked us to highlight a few of the investments they are making in security, including:

• GPS tracking on high risk items.

• Lot Cop, a security stand in the parking lot with high tech cameras meant to be visible to thieves. Walmart said in the last year they have seen a drop in violent and non-violent crime where lot cops were placed.

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