ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) Popular children’s author and Atlanta resident Laurel Snyder is currently on tour, speaking to children at school in California.

But earlier this week, she happened to visit the classroom of television star Scott Baio's daughter. He was livid. Tweeting, "This vile person spoke to my child."

Some of his more than a quarter million followers then started inundating Snyder with hateful messages. One calling her a "vile bigot".

Baio has reinvented himself as a star of the show 'Right Wing,' and is a staunch supporter of President Trump.

He was reacting to Snyder's own social media posts. In which she is vocally critical of the president and Governor Brian Kemp.

In a tweet from February, she appeared to tie the president's words at the State of the Union Address to the Holocaust. In another tweet, she joked about the president's unique skin tone.

In an interview, Snyder said, "Sometimes in a moment of emotion we post things that are intended to have humor or be part of a larger conversation." She added, "There are some words and choices I made in those tweets; I understand them being upset."

Baio and his supporters don't think an author with such vocal political views should be invited to speak in classrooms.

Snyder says, "The idea that someone who has political ideas, and an identity as an adult in the world, should not be allowed to have contact with students or children... that idea I object to."

In those school visits, Snyder says there is no political talk. She engages students with her path as an author.

Scott Baio declined to talk to us about this, but someone close to him reached out saying, this isn't about the author being a liberal. Its about the pointed comments she made.

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