ATLANTA, GA (CBS46) State records show Somoza and Earlisha Louis as the registered agent and organizer of BE Staffing.

The NFL approved vendor was the hiring agency for hundreds of workers at the Super Bowl Experience. Some of those workers claim they have not been fully paid, nearly a month after the big game.

Community leaders and even the Fulton County Schools, which facilitated the hiring of hundreds of students, have backed up those claims since last week.

So the Bulldog team did some digging.

Records we obtained from the Secretary of State's office appear to show the same folks behind BE Staffing also operated other businesses, including another staffing agency that was dissolved by the state for "its failure to deliver its annual registration, together with all required fees and penalties, within 60 days after it was due.." and "failure to maintain a registered agent or registered office in this state."

Only one of the businesses had its registration renewed.

BE Staffing said in a statement, that any businesses dissolved were done so willingly.

A review of court records, by way of matching personal identifying information, also found BE Staffing's organizer Earlisha Louis apparently served time in Florida for grand theft. The records are missing a letter in the name, but otherwise match.

Records show BE Staffing's registered agent Somoza Louis filed for bankruptcy in 2010 and 2012 in Georgia.

We showed up at BE Staffing's listed business address in College Park today, which they also share with other businesses. The front door was shut on us, and a closed sign put up.

Someone claiming to represent the owner of the building later came out and politely asked us to leave, adding, no one from the business was seen inside in recent days.

We then headed to a nearby home address, listed for the primary agents on other state documents.

We met a woman who claimed to be a tenant renting from the owners.

She texted her landlord, who replied, "don't answer the door," when told we were there.

In response to our questions, BE Staffing sent us a written statement today, saying in part, "all workers have been paid as per their sign in sheets. We have never not paid any employee intentionally or with any ill will."

They went on to seemingly blame the workers, saying in part, "we as a minority business are appalled at the stance many are taking in effort, to drag our company name, lure us into paying for time not worked; along with leading and deceiving those into believing they have not been paid."

They said they will "not further discuss this matter," and they declined our request for an on-camera interview.

BE Staffing has refused to provide any concrete evidence proving employees have been paid, saying in that statement, they don't want to release personal information.

We plan to double back with workers to see if in fact they have been paid in full.

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