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Dating from Death Row

Eric Perkinson mug

ATLANTA (CBS46) – It was a warm June afternoon like any other for Louis Nava and his friend Dakari Sloley in 1998. But, that day would turn from happiness to horror with the pull of a trigger. And now, the man who allegedly pulled the trigger is looking for love online.

Nava and his friend were in Sloley’s aunt’s white BMW to pick up a dog from a grooming on June 6, 1998. When they returned to the car that evening after learning the dog wasn’t ready, Eric Perkinson and an accomplice got into the back seat and held both teens at gunpoint while demanding cash.

The robbers ordered Sloley to drive to a nearby church parking lot where they met up with accomplices. Perkinson put Nava into the trunk and told Sloley to drive away from the area. They ended up in Bartow County, Georgia on Paga Mine Road.

There, Perkinson pulled Nava out of the trunk and walked him to some nearby bushes where he shot him in the head. Perkinson then took Sloley to the bushes, but he was able to escape. Perkinson shot at Sloley, hitting him in the arm. Perkinson and his accomplices then drove away from the scene.

It wasn’t until early the next morning that police arrived at Nava’s home and told his family that the teenager was dead.

“We had the knock on the door from the DeKalb County Police,” said Laura Lynn, Nava’s mother. “I just sat down and knew our lives changed forever.”

On August 27, 1998, Perkinson was found guilty of murder and on the next day he was sent to Georgia’s death row to await execution for his crimes.

Twenty-one years later, a dating profile appeared on the website Inmate Mingle that features a man who said he’s single, enjoys nature, and great conversation. The man is Perkinson and he, or someone on the outside on his behalf, is soliciting love.

“I’m not seeing anything that mentions he carjacked two teenage boys, stuffed one in a trunk and shot them both,” Lynn said. (correct! This is all her, she’s the only sound in the piece) “Wow. Wow.”

Seeing her son’s killer seeking love is appalling Lynn told CBS46. She was also stunned that he described himself as “lonely.” But it turns out, Perkinson is not the only Georgia inmate looking for love on the Internet.

CBS46 found five other Georgia inmates with convictions ranging from credit card fraud to murder are on the site too. That prompted the CBS46 Bulldog to pick up the phone and ask the Georgia Department of Corrections if this type of activity was allowed or should be allowed.

The Georgia Department of Corrections told CBS46 that no offender is allowed open access to the Internet. However, the department can’t control what people on the outside do on a prisoner’s behalf. The Department of Corrections said it will investigate complaints of inappropriate online behavior by convicts, but for now, the dating profile is within the current rules.

For Lynn, she’s hoping that bringing the issue to light, perhaps things will change for sites like Inmate Mingle.

“People are going to be made aware of it,” Lynn said.

Perkinson’s appearance on the Inmate Mingle website is not the only reason his name has come back to CBS46’s attention. A federal judge ruled last week that Perkinson should be re-sentenced after calling his original defense team into question. No date has been set for Perkinson to be re-sentenced.

UPDATE: Shortly before publication of this story, Perkinson's profile was removed from the Inmate Mingle website.

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