ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) The multi-page internal report obtained by the Bulldog shows a long list of deficiencies found at the 'Living Room', a federally funded non-profit providing housing and health care for people living with AIDS.

Among the most serious the city highlighted:

  • The agency failed to protect the confidentiality of participants
  • A data breach occurred when a laptop containing personal information was taken.
  • The agency failed to ensure housing met quality/habitability standards
  • The agency failed to verify HIV/AIDS for each client

Auditors also found multiple financial irregularities, including:

  • Staff used an agency bank card for personal purchases
  • $120,000 in payroll expenses aren't backed up by timecards
  • Rent checks were repeatedly voided and it’s unclear if the funds were deducted from reimbursement requests
  • A family member hired and paid outside normal payroll

The Bulldog also heard from housing providers, who claim they are owed tens of thousands for housing patients.

When we questioned Living Room management about that, they didn't deny it. Claiming a delay in funds has resulted in non-payments.

The City of Atlanta distributes the federal funds. They addressed the agency in a blistering statement, saying:

"The organization’s mismanagement is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Atlanta’s HOPWA clients deserve better than this, and the City reserves the right to take any and all action necessary to ensure those clients receive the quality care and opportunities they require.

The city immediately launched a thorough on-site review and audit of the living room operations and discovered disconcerting findings. Further, it is within our right to refuse execution of any contracts with the living room until the issues are resolved to our satisfaction.”

Living Room has 30 days to fix the problems.

The agency did not immediately respond to a request for comment regarding the city report.

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