WALTON COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- Christopher Davis won't set foot in Walton County anymore after being involved in a three -year battle with the sheriff. 

"His badge as sheriff does not give him unlimited rights to go out and do whatever he wants," said Davis in an interview in a neighboring county.

The rift began during the last election cycle when Davis started posting critical comments about the sheriff on the department's Facebook page.

His comments and the critical comments of others were deleted.

So he sued, and the department settled in his favor; a government run social media page shouldn’t censor.

However, he is continuing to sue on other grounds. Mainly, that the sheriff initiated a pattern of retaliation that forced him out of the county. Including trumped up charges of disturbing the peace, which led to deputies arresting him in his home in front of his children at gunpoint.

This had CBS46 demanding answers from the Walton County Sheriff, and Sheriff Joe Chapman didn’t hold back.

"People have complained and complained about this guy," he said in an interview.

The sheriff did admit; "My [web] administrator blocked him off the site [Facebook], we went to court [and the] lawyer said [you] probably can’t do that."

But he paints Davis as a troublemaker who's allegations are in his head.

When CBS46 asked the Sheriff about deputies showing up in force with guns, he replied, "That’s not true either."

The sheriff brought out a lengthy file on Davis.

"This is Chris Davis. We've been out to his subdivision over 85 times. He has terrorized a complete neighborhood. Has for a period of time," the sheriff said gesturing to the file.

"Chris Davis is the criminal element."

Of allegations he is a lawless sheriff intimidating people who disagree with him, he replied, "That’s not true. People disagree with me everyday. This isn’t the wild west anymore. We have laws. You can’t just drum up stuff on people."

Davis responded by saying, "He's not truthful; he's not honest."

When asked if the department is honorable, the sheriff replied, "Absolutely."

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