DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46)- Kristopher Travitz was the property manager at Arbor Village, a Douglasville mobile home park -- or at least he was until shortly after we showed up.

He wasn’t too friendly to Better Call Harry, who first tried to question him for a story on how tenants told a judge he turned off their water as punishment for not paying the rent. The judge ordered Travitz to turn the water back on.

Those same tenants claim Travitz also tried to persistently enter their home to fix a blind they never asked for. They filmed that.

"I have the right of access to the home," he is seen arguing.

But a CBS46 investigation would find he didn’t even have the right to work there.

We learned this property manager, who held the keys and access to all these mobile homes, is a registered sex offender. None of the residents we spoke to we are of his sex offender status.

Including this young mother and her husband.

"Of course I would want to know," said resident and mother Janice Crane.

Her husband Darrel Crane added, "At the very least, give your residents notice."

Because what he was accused of is a doozy. He's a former sheriffs deputy who was indicted by a Cobb County grand jury and later convicted for taking home an inmate and sexually assaulting her.

He was sentenced to five years in prison but let out after two.

According to state law, it's up to the offender to self report their offender status to the county they want to work in.

Travitz is registered in Paulding County, but Arbor Village is in Douglas County.

The sheriffs office there tell us they only learned he was working there from us.

"It’s my understanding that he knew he should have registered. He can't be working inside of 1,000 feet of any place where children may gather," said Sgt. Jesse Hambrick with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department.

Had he properly notified the county, they would have told him the onsite swimming pool, playground, and nearby church and school disqualified him from working there.

But we were troubled to learn, there is no law stating an offender or their employer has to report his status to residents.

We felt the owner who hired Travitz had some explaining to do. When we reached out to his office staff he refused to comment.

But a short time later, word must have gotten to Travitz we were on the property because he showed up.

"Can I ask you a couple of questions before you leave?"

"Why are you still on the property?"

He sat in his truck for a few minutes refusing to answer our questions, before leaving.

Shortly after we left, the sheriff's office says they showed up and found Travitz and told him to leave the property and that he may face arrest if he returns.

"By law he can't be there, so the law terminated his employment," said Sgt. Hambrick.

In light of what CBS46 uncovered, the sheriff's office says they are reviewing what they can do to better police these situations.

Meanwhile the GBI says if you are concerned about who has access to your rental home, look them up on the state registry, and if they appear to be in violation of offender rules, call your county sheriff's office.

A lot of this is self reporting on the part of the offender and the public.

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Kristopher Travitz is a good man!! He made a mistake a long time ago & served his time already. He kept an eye out for me & my daughter & did his best to help keep us safe from an abusive dangerous man when the OWNER of the properties refused to acknowledge a court order. He is a manager which means he has a boss to answer to just like most of us. He shouldn't have worked some where if he knew legally he couldn't but he certainly doesn't deserve to have his life ruined & people think he is a danger. He is one the sweetest ppl I've ever known & always helped when he could.... Also i doubt very much the judge ordered HIM to turn the water back on they probably ordered the company he was employed by (bc the companies we work for never do anything illegal or sketchy right?) he was the manger & the legal rep that doesn't mean he was the shot caller.

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