JACKSON COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- "We're gonna show up until you stand up and be accountable for what you said," he said at a council meeting months ago.

And show up he did. Shantwon Astin was elected Tuesday night to the Hoschton City Council. He'll now be serving next to the mayor he was shouting down that summer day.

Theresa Kenerly brought scandal and possibly legal liability on the city when she reportedly pulled the resume of a black man for city administrator, claiming the city wasn't ready for that.

And then there's councilman Jim Cleveland, who made his own headlines, saying whites shouldn't marry blacks.

Astin took the high road when interviewed by CBS46 the day after winning a city council seat.

"I will be able to work with them," he said.

He pointed to an overwhelmingly white city electing a black man as proof Hoschton isn't an overly racist town. There are just some generational hurdles to overcome.

"How we go about that change, is what needs to change."

He says he hasn't heard from the mayor or councilman Cleveland since his election, though that does not mean winning wasn't without some drama.

Just two weeks ago he says someone tried to run him over on a residential street in the darkness of night.

An SUV speeding towards him; the incident caught on a camera. 

"I was able to push myself off the car," he says. "I was yelling, 'hey stop! you hit me!'"

Astin then says the driver yelled,"You shouldn't be walking in the street m-f'er!'"

Back in town on Wednesday, we were curious if the mayor or councilman had anything to say about the stunning election results.

When we visited city hall, the mayor wasn't in. Nor was she wasn't at her listed address either, or another property she is said to stay at. 

No one was home at Cleveland's listed address either. 

Back at the train depot in town--where council meetings are held -- as if on cue, we ran into one of the last black men to sit on council. Luther Morrison.

"That was way back in the 60's," he said with a chuckle.

He had some advice for Astin. 

"All you have to do is just get with the people, find out what they want done, then you work."

The story isn't over. An effort to recall the mayor and the councilman at the center of this mess is now headed to the state Supreme Court.

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