In most cities having a housing voucher ensures you have a roof over your head, but that has not been the case here in Atlanta.


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My thoughts are the rents are high and keep going higher because people that don't own homes are voting which is good but they're voting for the people that own homes to be taxed for schools and other things that need to be paid for so when your homeowners get taxed higher for their taxes on their homes it's going down trickle down to people renting those homes


The problem is the rents are OUTRAGEOUS that section 8 will not approve. Too many Landlords are greedy. A lot of housing have turned into condos and 99% of any affordable housing are slumlords.

Honestly i feel rents should be capped.

Section 8 vouchers are valued way below any market value that its making it even harder to find safe , clean , affordable housing


Thats a good idea and i feel like it need to be done in in columbia sc as well because we have that same issue and nothing is been done about it


Also most people that rent and I say this from my view because I have seen it quite a few times so I have seen that they do not take care of the properties they're renting.

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