A Conyers man says he is left with pain and suffering after being struck by a DeKalb County police officer.


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Local man hit by Dekalb County Police officer. Take a minute and think to yourself, "what image does that title envoke"? The article is deliberately deceptively titled. It is despicable that CBS would do this. They know darn well what that title conjures in the mind - a cop beating someone up.

The fact is the truth was far less salacious and so they chose a title that would deceive people, a title which would potentiate the already strained relationship between the police and the community.

A cop hitting a guy with his car (probably at night or very early morning when visibility is extremely low) is a far cry from the cop physically hitting them with his fist.

The guy shouldn't have been walking on the street in the first place. There is a reason there isn't any side walks or cross walks in the area. No pedestrians are allowed.

Why do you think several attorneys rejected his case?

Attorneys take cases from people who's word challenges the word of the cops all the time.

The attorneys rejected his case because they knew d@#! well they would lose on the legal grounds alone.


Context matters

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