WYOMING, Mich. (WXMI/CNN) — A Michigan family is selling T-shirts and hoodies to help support the United States Postal Service, which has taken a financial hit during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Becky Tezeno worked for the Postal Service for 25 years and now owns Triple-J printing in Wyoming, Michigan. She and her family came up with the idea to sell T-shirts and hoodies to support USPS employees amid the global crisis.

"They're out there on the front lines just like everybody else, so they are essential,” said Tezeno. 

The family is shipping the T-shirts and hoodies via priority mail. Also, with every purchase, $5 will go towards purchasing a book of stamps from USPS. The family will then donate those stamps to local retirement communities. 

"It's like a fundraiser,” said Tezeno.

So far, she's sold around $700 worth of shirts and hoodies, which means more than 1,200 stamps for area retirement homes.

"A lot of those people in retirement communities, they enjoy receiving mail as much as they enjoy sending mail, they're usually sitting there and waiting for the postal worker to deliver, sometimes its the highlight of their day,” said Tezeno.

Tezeno says it's rewarding to help out her former coworkers and a business that gave her so much.

"I've worked there for 25 years, and they were a big part of me being where I am right now in my life."

Earlier this month, the Postal Service gave a dire warning, telling lawmakers that the agency will "run out of cash" by the end of September if Congress does not step in with financial assistance.

The postmaster general told lawmakers the coronavirus could cost the agency another $54 billion over the next decade.

President Donald Trump on Friday said he won’t approve a $10 billion loan for the agency unless it raises charges for Amazon and other big shippers to four to five times current rates.

Trump, however, tweeted that he will not let the Post Office fail.

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