Mom gives online seller $450 for used iPhone, ends up with 2 bars of soap instead

This mom thought she was buying a $450 iPhone for her daughter. She got two bars of soap instead.

ALLEN PARK, Mich. (WXYZ/CNN) --  A mother in Michigan says an 18-year-old scammed her when she tried to buy a used iPhone.

A few weeks ago, Samantha Powell says she made a deal with an online seller on the app LetGo. They communicated on the app and agreed on a price of $450.

Powell says she had saved money for six months in order to buy her daughter the iPhone before school started.

She agreed to meet the seller at an apartment complex in Allen Park. She had gone there with her husband, but when they exchanged the money and the iPhone box, Powell says the seller took off running.

Powell's husband opened the box and found no iPhone, just two bars of soap.

"When he opened it, we were both dumbfounded," said Powell. "We were just staring at it like, 'Did that just happen?'"

Powell says they tried going after the seller, but she got away. 

They eventually called Allen Park police and filed a report. Powell says she later found out the seller bragged about the incident on Facebook. 

"She was pretty much saying 'haha,' thinking that she wasn't going to get caught," said Powell.

But she may not be laughing now. Powell says the 18-year-old seller used a fake name on LetGo, but provided her phone number for the sale. That's how police tracked her down. She also received a citation. 

Police did not release the seller's name because she is not currently facing any criminal charges. However, if the seller does not appear in court for the citation, a warrant will be issued for her arrest.

Meanwhile, Powell says she hopes her story will help remind others to meet up at a police department for such a transaction. She has since gotten her daughter an iPhone off Craigslist. She said she met the seller at a local police department and had no problem.

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