(WQAD/CNN/Meredith) -- Quick thinking from a mom in Iowa helped save her son's life after a terrible ATV accident last month.

On July 7, Christina Brenner used her bikini top as a tourniquet to keep her 13-year-old son alive long enough to make it to the hospital.

The Brenner family and friends were enjoying the summer weather at the family property in Blue Grass, Iowa. Christina’s son Peyton was driving an ATV while she lounged in the pool.

Peyton said in an accident, he suddenly ended up in a tree.

Christina said she heard Peyton screaming and sprang into action, running to him as fast as she could. As Peyton stepped off the ATV, his leg was shooting out blood at a rapid rate.

“He was just drenched in blood and it was shooting, literally shooting out,” Christina said.

Christina said Peyton asked her if he was going to die. Christina, a mother of four and a nurse, knew that at the rate he was losing blood, Peyton was in serious trouble.

“Am I dying? I think I am dying,” Christina recalls Peyton saying.

“It is very serious. But this isn’t your day [to die]. This isn’t your time. It’s not going to happen, I promise,” Christina told Peyton at the time.

With her medical background, Christina took control. She took off her bikini top and used it as a tourniquet on Peyton’s leg.

Once the paramedics arrived, they relayed the hard truth to Christina – that without her quick thinking to use her bikini top, within two more minutes of losing blood, Peyton would have died.

At the hospital, Peyton was rushed into a nearly four-hour surgery. He is now back home and recovering.

Peyton said his mom is his hero.

“I have no interest in being a hero, I just want to be his mom. I just wanted another day to get to be his mom, and I got that,” Christina said.

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