(Meredith) -- There is no doubt that the past year -- maybe longer -- has been been tough on so many people. Many, particularly in the Black community, who are struggling with stress, depression or relationship issues never reach out for help.

Kiaundra Jackson, a therapist working with the "My Life" mobile app, has helped create a program that helps address some of these issues.

"We have believed so many of the stigmas that have been associated with getting help when it is needed that we have pushed it away. We think therapy is just for white people. We think that therapy is just a waste of money (and) that black people do not get depressed," Jackson said. "Those are all just things that have been consciously and unconsciously impressed upon us which prevents us from getting help when we need it."

"They are just apprehensive about medical care and professional help because we have been mistreated for so long and so all of this is just a by-product of everything that we have gone through as a people," Jackson said. "And that’s why I love that 'My Life' has taken the opportunity to shed light on this matter and not just push it to the side in the black community."

Jackson said she likes to tell people that the strongest people are the ones who know when to get help.

"That’s how they stay strong because they know they can’t be everything to everyone at every given time. Saying, 'Hey, I need help,' (or) 'Hey, I am not doing well. Something internally is wrong and I am feeling numbness or tightness or physical pain," she said.

During the six day journey with Jackson, you will hear her talk about what mental health is, how do you know when something is going wrong, and what are some positive coping skills that you can implement in the very moment when things are not going your way.

"I even gave some additional bonuses about healthy relationships because that is a part of wellness. It's filled with positive affirmation and you get a chance to really hear my voice and to allow yourself to be immersed in the experience of what wellness ultimately means for the black community," she said.

You can find Kiaundra's sessions on the "My Life" app. Just download it in your phone's app store.

The "My Life" app is owned by the parent company of this station, the Meredith Corporation. 

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