UGA football players help young girl

UGA football players Latavious Brini (R) and Jalen Kimber (L) bought Avery (c) a cookie at Subway so she would be considered a paying customer who could use the restaurant's restroom. 

ATHENS, Ga (CBS46) – An Athens mom is singing the praises of two UGA football players who helped her young daughter out of a bind.

Christie Williams Myers shared the story on her Facebook page which has already been viewed well over 56,000 times and shared by more than 28,000 people.

Myers wrote that her daughter, Avery, urgently needed to use the restroom.

So they rushed into a nearby Subway restaurant in downtown Athens and headed straight for the restroom.

When a Subway employee informed Myers restrooms were for paying customers only, she realized she’d left her wallet.

That’s when UGA football players Latavious Brini and Jalen Kimber stepped up.

“Without hesitation these two young men spoke up and said they would buy a cookie for Avery so she could be a paying customer, so she could use the restroom,” Myers wrote.

Myers said she learned Latavious and Jalen played for UGA during a conversation where they “exchanged some laughs and talked about football,”

Myers said she was grateful for their generosity.

“To some it may seem like a small act, but I was so thankful and impressed that these two college kids who don’t have kids of their own gave so freely and without hesitation to help us out,” wrote Myers. “The world needs more of this.”

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Wow! How of thoughtful of those guys. That was a huge act of kindness! They make me even prouder to be a Bulldog than I usually am. Go Dawgs!

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