At 8 O’clock Monday morning, Georgia’s first state-run mass vaccination sites opened in four cities across the state. Appointments for three of them filled up quickly, including one in metro-Atlanta at the Delta Flight Museum.

Healthcare worker Chikita Mann was thrilled to get her appointment.

“Since I’m in Cobb County, I couldn’t find a place to get it, so I signed up here,” she said.

The sites were strategically chosen because of data showing which areas were underserved.

“We were seeing very low numbers especially among African-Americans in Clayton County,” said Gov. Brian Kemp at a news conference Monday morning, “which is why we wanted to partner with Delta.”

The director of the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency James Stallings told reporters there’s heavy demand at three of the sites, but not at the one in Albany in southwest Georgia. At the Albany site, less than four percent of this week’s available appointments have been booked so far. That’s something to consider if someone is desperate for the vaccine this week and is okay with a road trip. Just remember, if the demand there stays low, the state could make some changes.

Coronavirus - Vaccination

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“Believe you me, we remain very flexible,” Kemp said. “If we’re not seeing demand somewhere, we’ll ship those doses somewhere where there is demand.”

Chikita Mann said she’s telling her friends that when you get the vaccine, it provides double protection.

“Not just for you but also your family,” she said.

To schedule a vaccination at the new sites, go to to schedule an appointment. If you are qualified, you will be able to set up an appointment at one of the sites. If you are not eligible for the vaccine yet, you can still sign up and the state will contact you when you when you become eligible.

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