911 call and new video released in Piedmont Park murder

Wednesday marked one week since Katie Janness, 40, was brutally murdered inside Piedmont Park in Midtown Atlanta in the early morning hours of July 28th. Atlanta Police released the 911 call and surveillance video from the park from the night of the murder as they ask for witnesses to come forward.

On the phone with a 911 dispatcher Emma Clark, Katie’s partner of 6 years is heard explaining that she just discovered her girlfriend and dog stabbed to death in the park.

“I’m at the entrance at Piedmont Park,” Clark said on the newly released 911 call. “I just was searching for my girlfriend because I couldn’t find her. She’s dead. She’s here at Piedmont Park. Please help. Oh my God,” Clark said on the call panting and emotional.

As the dispatcher tried to find a location in the park, a frantic Clark tries to explain while saying the scene is awful.

“She is right near the entrance like I don’t know how to explain it,” Clark said panting on the phone.

A few seconds later, an unidentified person can be heard in the background of the 911 call yelling expletives as he approached the scene.

“Did you just see that?” Clark yelled out to the man. “Yea,” the man can be heard responding. “That’s my f**** girlfriend,” Clark said. The unidentified male responds using expletives. His voice then trails off.

In an exclusive interview with CBS46, Clark said she initially became worried that something might be wrong with Janness after the Midtown bartender didn’t respond to calls or texts while walking their dog. Her phone pinged at Piedmont and was not moving on the iPhone tracker, Clark said.

Police are not identifying any potential suspects but released surveillance video of six possible witnesses who were at the park when the murder happened.

At 11:55pm, July 27th, a group of women are seen walking from the park.

At 12:09pm last Wednesday, Janness is seen on city surveillance video walking her dog Bowie across the Pride intersection in Midtown on 10th Street.

At 12:25am, a man with a cane is walking out of the opposite side of the park looking at his phone on Piedmont Avenue.

At 12:43am, a person in a hoodie and jeans is walking away from the same Piedmont Avenue entrance of the park.

12:46am a man, wearing a blue running suit is seen jogging in and out of the park entrance just yards away from the scene, possibly around the time of the murder. He and all others in the surveillance videos, released by Atlanta Police, appear to be unaware of anything out of the usual.

Police are stressing the people on the video clips are possible witnesses they're asking to talk to share possible tips about what they may have heard or seen in the park.

Clark said Tuesday she ran away after discovering the body. “I of course found her and I didn’t initially realize how bad it was. I didn’t stick around,” she said, but added that she thinks someone in the area should know what happened before she arrived.

“It’s very possible some of these people saw something that they don’t realize what they saw,” Clark said.


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