Katherine Janness

ATLANTA (CBS46) — The Atlanta Police Department has released the 911 call from the night Katie Janness was found brutally murdered at Piedmont Park.

The woman making the call is Emma Clark, the life partner of Katie Janness, who went out looking for her when Janness did not return home after going out for a walk with their dog Bowie. You can listen to the entire call below. 

Clark is audibly shaken as she realizes what has happened to Janness during the call. You can also hear another person in the background who came to the scene of where the murder took place. Atlanta Police say that person stayed on scene and spoke with authorities.

On Tuesday, the Atlanta Police Department released photos of several people who they say may have witnessed something at the park that night. 

On Wednesday, APD released the corresponding surveillance videos.

The short video clips are from the same cameras that captured the images, but you are able to see some of the people a little more clearly.

Police say the people in the video and images are not considered suspects, and APD hopes they are willing to come forward to share anything they may know about the gruesome murder of Katie Janness.

If anyone was in the area around the time of the murder, or if anyone knows someone in these photos, we ask that they contact Atlanta Police Homicide Investigators or Crime Stoppers.

The photos were released while Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and Police Chief Rodney Bryant were holding a press conference to update the community on the murder.

“What we are hoping is that these individuals will come forward and what we are hoping is that that they saw something while in the park,” said Atlanta Police Deputy Chief Charles Hampton explaining why the department released the photos. 

Emma Clark says she found her life-partner, Katie, stabbed to death that night. She went looking, pinging Katie's phone after she didn't respond to calls or texts.

Emma says she saw others in the park when she made the gruesome discovery.

“I know somebody walked up on it right after I did,” Clark said. “I guess, because he came running out too. If anybody else saw something before I did. Because there are photos of people 20 minutes before I got here and there’s people walking right past the entrance.” 

CBS46 spoke to Clark in an exclusive 1-on-1 interview last week.

They're adding details on the type of person the public may want to look out for.

“If you saw anyone with any unexplained injuries, an intense attraction to this case in the media. A change in appearance. A change in hair color. A change in any type of facial hair. An absence of school work, come forward give us a call,” said Deputy Chief Hampton. “There is nothing too insignificant,” he added. 

APD said Monday that the cameras were working the night of the murder, but clarified Tuesday that the 9 cameras in Piedmont Park are not integrated into the city’s current video integration center that it tracks in real time.

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