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ATLANTA (CBS46) — They say it's never too late to find true love. One metro Atlanta woman knows that all too well.

Nancy Allen found the woman of her dreams decades after conforming to a heteronormative life. And she wasn't alone in her lesbian journey.

Growing up in the 1940's, Allen never heard the term lesbian. 

"I was well into my 20's or 30's before I knew about gay women," Allen said.

Allen spent the early part of her adult years in heterosexual relationships. The 82-year-old married twice and had two children. She was the traditional wife back then. She cooked, she cleaned, and she took care of the kids.

"There wasn’t a whole lot of interest into who I might be or who I might become because I was the wife," she said.

Nancy had a previous experience with a woman between her first and second marriage. Realizing she was bi-sexual, she explored being with a woman after her second divorce.

"It wasn’t that I was suffering, and I couldn’t tell anybody. I had none of that. It was just life as I knew it."

Nancy fell for a woman she befriended years ago, but the two only became partners ten years ago. Nancy was 72, Kelly was 58.

"Her journey was beautiful," Kelly said. "It was what it was supposed to be and all the things she lived lead her to us being together finally and I’m really grateful for that."

Nancy's journey is the inspiration behind her new book, Bud to Blossom. It's a collection of stories from women who once identified as straight, only to discover, over time, there was more to their sexuality.

The book features nearly a dozen lesbian women who share similar stories and is available right now on Amazon.

"It's OK to seek your happiness," Nancy said. "I just want other people to just be comfortable with who you are."

Nancy accepts who she is, now living the best chapter of her life with Kelly.

"It’s different in that we’re closer. We talk more. We laugh more. We understand each other."

She truly believes she saved the best for last.

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