ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) Gathered on the steps of the state capitol dozens of groups of women’s rights advocates came to speak out against House Bill 481 Tuesday afternoon.

Inside, Governor Brian Kemp signed the new anti-abortion law known as the heartbeat bill into law, banning abortions after six weeks in Georgia.

“I have one message for Governor Kemp, we will see you sir in court,” said Stacy Fox, the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Southeast.

The ACLU of Georgia organized the rally. They’re working on a federal lawsuit right now to stop the law from going into effect in January.

“We are going to make the best possible arguments and fact patterns to protect women’s rights to choose in Georgia and across this country,” said Andrea Young the executive director of ACLU of Georgia. “We are looking at, comprehensively, the many aspects of this bill that really are without precedent that criminalize medical practice, that reduce health protections for women that really need to be part of this challenge.”

Several men came out to stand as allies.

“I am a father, I have three sons and if they weren’t in school they would be out here with me,” Daniel Blackman a board member on the ACLU. “I believe it’s important for men to stand side by side with women. This is an issue that supersedes gender."

Blackman said he doesn’t agree with abortion in his own family, but supports the right of others to choose.

“I would hope the folks that support the heartbeat bill look within themselves and spend as much time supporting the families that are here," Blackman said. “There are children that are here now and a lot of time we place an emphasis on the unborn child, but we leave the child that’s here behind,” he went on.

The ACLU said they’re planning to file suit as early as this summer, joining other stages pushing back on the efforts to roll back abortion rights.

“I think it still matters because even though the bill was signed it doesn’t take effect until January 2020 and we want legislators to know that we are not happy with what they’re doing,” said Randi Gregory with Spark Reproductive Justice Now.

The ACLU of Georgia is joining Kentucky, Mississippi, and Ohio in their legal battle against similar 6-week abortion bans.

The ACLU of Georgia hopes to have a lawsuit ready by summer.

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