ATLANTA (CBS46)-- Atlanta wakes up with Ella Dorsey. Loyal viewers know the meteorologist loves her Georgia Dawgs, nerdy weather stuff, and living in the Peach State.

What many people do not know is that Ella was adopted. "We just decided that we would always talk to her about being adopted," Ella's mom Jan says.

It wasn't until Ella was 21 that she became interested in learning about her birth family. An internet search gave her more news that she expected. An obituary explained her biological mother had passed away, leaving behind Ella's older brother and younger sister. At the time, she didn't feel right reaching out to her grieving half-siblings.

"This year, sitting in quarantine, I had a lot of time to think about it," she says. She decided to sign up with 23andMe, a company that extracts DNA from a saliva sample to open up a door into who you are and who you're related to.

"I got the 23andMe results and I clicked on the app, and I said 'oh, I need a drink'," Ella laughs. There they were, her half brother and half sister, with the option of reaching out. Her sister Emma had beaten her to it, sending Ella a note immediately.

"The next morning I woke up and there was a message from her, saying 'I've been searching for you for years' and that was an incredible feeling," Ella recalls.

Her sister, Emma, says she had done the test a year before in hopes of finding Ella. She says the first conversation was overwhelming, but easy. Over the summer, Emma and their older brother, Noah, came to Atlanta to meet Ella. Now, the siblings talk all the time.

"The opportunity that we now have to spend time together and bond together, and share weird things. We've spent our formative years apart, it's amazing. It's been the most amazing thing that happened to me in 2020," says Emma.

It's been amazing for Ella's mom, Jan, who always wanted Ella to have siblings. She recommends parents of adopted kids stay open-minded if their children express an interest in finding their biological family. Ella adds, she and Jan talked a lot about her expectations before they ever spoke to Ella's biological family.

Ella encourages anyone else in her shoes to take the leap, but with realistic expectations. She knew it could amount to nothing, but says her relationship with Noah and Emma is an incredible part of her life she'll have forever.

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Great story! Very intriguing and a welcomed blast of positivity in a challenging time.

Thanks for sharing!

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