BROOKHAVEN, Ga. (CBS46) -- The immigrant community along Buford Highway knows that ICE agents often pop up without warning, but they don't expect to see Brookhaven police alongside them.

“I think people generally trust them,” said Marco Palma. “I trust them, and so that's why I feel that we deserve an apology.”

On Thursday, ICE agents in unmarked cars and plainclothes came to the Terraces at Brookhaven to track down a suspect.

When the man wouldn't get out of his van, ICE called Brookhaven police for help. Police told CBS46 reporter Ashley Thompson that they were only there to legitimize the situation by explaining to the suspect what was going on and making sure that ICE had a warrant.

“I did not expect them to be any part of this,” said resident Christian Hernandez. “I thought it was completely separate, ICE and Brookhaven, so that kind of shocked me a little you know.

ICE eventually got the man in custody with Brookhaven police on scene. In a letter posted online, an advocacy group called Los Vecinos de Buford Highway is asking police for a public apology.

“We just didn't feel comfortable viewing that and seeing that kind of behavior from police officers that know the neighborhood and that we feel very connected to,” said Palma, who serves as the President of Los Vecinos de Buford Highway.

Brookhaven police said they will sometimes work with ICE for the safety of their citizens and to make sure no constitutional rights are violated.

While ICE could not tell CBS46 who was arrested or what for, I'm told more than 90 percent of people arrested by the Atlanta field office had criminal convictions or pending criminal charges.

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Before Los Vecinos de Buford Highway start demanding apologies from the police that are paid by the Brookhaven residents that pay taxes, they need to consider that the Police are sworn to serve and protect everyone. They were doing just that in this scenario. I would say that Los Vecinos de Buford Highway owe the police an apology.

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