Atlanta, GA (CBS46) An affordable housing advocate and online publisher is seeking a seat on Atlanta’s city council following the death of Ivory Lee Young Jr.

Matthew Cardinale says it’s his duty to stand up for the public’s interest. He publishes the online news journal 'Atlanta Progressive News.'

Over the years, Cardinale has also attended hundreds of city council meetings. He has spoken out about everything from city fines assessed to businesses to how much time the public has to comment during a council meeting. But he says the time has come for him to tackle the problems from the inside.

“I’ve been to over 200 meetings in the Atlanta city council and I feel like local government is where we can make the greatest difference,” says Cardinale. “I feel like I’ve reached a plateau as to what I can accomplish as an ordinary citizen.”

But as an ordinary citizen, Cardinale drafted and passed 13 different pieces of legislation. He also sued the city several times. One of those suits made its way to the state supreme court.

The suit accused city officials of voting on issues and failing to disclose the results of those votes to the public. Cardinale won and, as a result, private votes were outlawed in the state. And he says as the councilmen of district 3, he will continue to fight improve city government.

“I’m putting together a package of progressive policies for introduction in my first 180 days in office,” Cardinale told CBS46.

We got our hands on a draft of that 180 day plan. It includes ordinances tackling everything from affordable housing to bringing more produce to the elderly.

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