Apartment Explosion

Damage to an apartment building is seen following an explosion, Sunday, Sept. 12, 2021, in Dunwoody, Ga., just outside of Atlanta. (AP Photo/Ben Gray)

DUNWOODY, Ga. (CBS46) — Just five days after an explosion rocked an apartment complex in Dunwoody, all residents are now being asked to leave.

In a letter obtained by CBS46 from Arrive Perimeter, the company that manages the complex, residents are being asked to vacate the property no later than Oct. 31. It is unclear how long residents will be forced to find a new home at this time.

"It has become apparent that we will not be able to quickly return gas service to our residents," the email said. "We, unfortunately, cannot commit to a reasonable timeline to restore hot water, heat, or functional gas ranges, and without a clear date of that return of gas service, we feel that the prudent action is to vacate the property."

The email goes onto say that management will begin the process of vacating all units and will plan on allowing a maximum of 15 units moving out per day.

On Sept. 14, a large explosion destroyed three units after many residents reported smelling gas. Fire officials were actual in route to the complex when the explosion occurred. Four people were injured in the blast.

Mark Miller has lived at Arrive Perimeter for three years, and says it was pure luck that he wasn’t at the apartment complex on Sunday.

“I could have been on my out and I would have been right there where the explosion happened at the gate,” said Miller.

Miller says the apartment complex is offering residents the opportunity to move into other buildings they also own – some are in the area, and others are out in Carrollton or Duluth.

“They haven't really been forthcoming with the details and the plan of action. A lot of people are frustrated, a lot of people have anxiety, they're scared about what was going to happen, simply because they didn't know,” said Miller. “I would say, just pray for the families for the impacted by this. There were some people who were home that got injured.”

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