ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- CBS46 is helping a woman look into allegations of elder abuse and neglect at a care center. 

“The treatment he’s receiving is totally inadequate and inappropriate,” said Ashley Jones, the daughter of a Vietnam veteran Lynval Stephenson’s Lynval Stephenson’s.

Jones contacted us after visiting the 81-year-old’s skilled nursing home over the holidays.

“When I entered into his room I saw that he was literally skin and bones. Literally skin and bones! Also, he had bedsores and skin tears all over his body and the sheets were bloody,” added Jones.

In addition to the bloody sheets, Jones says Blue Ridge Healthcare Buchanan had no documentation of the additional care and services they should be providing.

“He is supposed to be receiving restorative care from the nurses and the nurses is supposed to be working on his range of motion work, on his social communicated skills and they could not show any documentation of this," explained Jones.

The Vietnam veteran has Lewy body dementia which has impacted his ability to speak and do many things for himself, because of that Jones says he has to be fed, but due to his drastic weight lost she says that isn’t being done.

“It appeared to me that he was neglected and he has probably been in this condition for weeks.”

According to, Blue Ridge Buchanan has a below average rating, but a representative from the location told us they are performing well on the Georgia Community Health Survey and they pride themselves on the care they provide.

The representative went on to say they are deeply concerned about the allegations and have reported it to the state. They are also currently investigating the matter.

As for Jones she says no explanation would be acceptable.

“My dad, he’s a veteran and he served in the Vietnam war and so the care that they’re giving it’s even inadequate for an animal."

The family hopes to move the veteran from the facility in the coming week.

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