ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- From working with animals to bio-feedback, veterans share various alternative PTSD treatments with CBS46 that many veterans are unaware of.

“Forty years of shame. It does a number on you” said former Air Force veteran Donna Bell. 

Bell says she long suffered with the pain from the multiple assaults she endured while on active duty.

“It was five women to 200 men on the flight line. The best way to put it is my mother didn’t raise these men and I had nine brothers. I just was never prepared for the fact that my superiors didn’t back me up when I had reported injustices to me,” says Bell. 

After speaking out, Bell says things got worst and she became a target.

“Perpetrators target people that are broken and I became a target for perpetrators. It didn’t serve me well what happened in the Air Force”, Bell added.

Unable to cope, Bell began having panic attacks. She was later diagnosed with complex PTSD and she wasn’t responding to the traditional treatment provided by the VA.

“The first thing they do is provide medicine. The problem is they don’t monitor that medicine and things happen, you lose your job, you go into full blown rages, and you don’t understand why everybody is leaving your life” Bell said. 

But after 40 years Bell finally found help. 

“I would say that Saratoga Warhorse they were the turning point for me.” 

In addition to working with horses, Bell says service dogs and bio-feedback has also been helpful. But she says the VA doesn’t push many of these programs.

“I asked the VA about it and I said why didn’t you tell me about this before and they said they wanted me to use their program. And, I said but your program didn’t work for me. So I encourage other veterans to fight for themselves, research and see what else is out there."

To find out more Saratoga Warhorse Program, click here.

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