Animal shelter faces allegations of canine mistreatment

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From dogs being euthanized to the lack of intake procedures, animal advocates say changes need to be made at Clayton County Animal Control.

Lisa Fleming with Courney's Canine Care and Rescue says Gina, an American Bulldog, was once on Clayton County's euthanasia list after testing positive for parvovirus.

"Because we got notice she lives, the other three were not as fortunate. Murphy died, Sara died and Wendy died," says Fleming. "She was tested positive at Stockbridge, negative at Save's and she lives today because of a rescue taking action."

Stockbridge vet is one of the locations Clayton County Animal Control sends it's sick animals.

Fleming alleges several animals have been deemed ill at one vet location and when retested at another location that animal get a clean bill of health.

Still efforts to save them have been unsuccessful.

"They're not even calling us. They are euthanizing these animals with no notice, in fact there was a meeting yesterday in which it was determined we get 30 minutes. Now I know this, if I leave her in Fayetteville and I drive to Jonesboro [it's going to] take me more than 30 minutes just with traffic."

But Clayton County Animal Control disputes the claims.

They tell CBS46 so far this year they have only euthanized 33 dogs.

All which are done on a veterinarian's recommendation because the animals were either sick or injured. They also state their goal is to care for the animals and insure that they find loving homes.

Advocates like Fleming question that information.

"My heart goes out to Wendy who had a prolapsed uterus and she could have been helped. There was a rescue on the way to get Wendy to help her when she way put down. A three week old puppy and lost her life," she says.

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