Another cheating investigation for Atlanta Public Schools

Source: WGCL

Another cheating investigating is hurting Atlanta Public Schools, but this time it's not the teachers or the principals. It's the school police.

Seventeen officers and a dispatcher are all being investigated for cheating on a test involving sensitive criminal databases.

The Atlanta Public Schools Police Force is new, with some sixty-six officers hired just seventeen months ago. They all had to pass a test to use a critical computer system which holds everything from your driver's license records to criminal complaints.

Misuse of that system is a felony.

The test cheating has been confirmed by Atlanta Public Schools Police Chief Ronald Applin. He says a dispatcher fed the answers to some of the thirty questions to seventeen officers as they took the test.

Applin turned over the cheating investigation to Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard. His office expects an evaluation in sixty days.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation oversees this criminal justice database. Its director reminds us all that certifying you took the test by yourself when you did not is a crime.

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