Deerwood Academy

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- An attempted abduction at gunpoint on the playground of Deerwood Academy, an Atlanta elementary school is under investigation.

But tonight, the CBS46 Bulldog was first to report, the Atlanta Police Department says they weren't notified of the incident for four hours.

Atlanta Public Schools says the school was placed on lock down and school police responded and initiated a probe.

But APD says they lost precious hours in helping with the investigation, and possibly linking the suspect to other suspected crimes.

APD releasing a statement to CBS46 Tuesday, saying:

"This is an incredibly disturbing incident and once we learned about it, the department immediately begin mobilizing resources to assist Atlanta Public Schools Police. We are disappointed, however, to have been notified about the incident late Monday by APS more than four hours after it took place. The incident took place at 1:40 p.m. and we were notified shortly before 6 p.m. We believe there were numerous measures that should have been taken during that time period to protect children in the area from further incidents and to immediately launch a search for the suspect. Regardless, we quickly developed an action plan once notified and have stepped up patrols in the area and assigned some discretionary units to aid in the search for this dangerous suspect. We also have investigators looking at the possibility that Monday's incident is related to an incident on October 2 when a naked man wearing a Power Rangers mask entered an apartment on Fairburn Road and committed a lewd act in the presence of a 14-year-old girl. A connection has not been made, but the incidents were a little more than a mile apart."

Atlanta Public Schools issued the following statement:

"Atlanta Public Schools Police Department (APSPD) has 83 sworn officers with full authority to enforce the laws and investigate any crime that takes place on APS property. Because this incident took place on APS property, APSPD has primary jurisdiction, and began an immediate investigation, which didn’t require immediate contact with the Atlanta Police Department (APD). After initial interviews and gathering of information about the incident, APSPD proactively contacted APD as a courtesy. While APSPD is not required to contact APD about ongoing cases within APSPD jurisdiction, we work closely and collaboratively with APD, often sharing information between agencies during an investigation, and that’s what occurred here."

The student was not hurt.

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