Applaud the Police When They Do What’s Right

Lynn Vaughn is a Just A Minute contributor.

Kudos to Gwinnett Police Chief Ayers

It’s happened again. Videos of another young black man allegedly being assaulted by white police officers are making the rounds on the internet. Time for another “Black Lives Matter” protest march, right? WRONG! Thanks to the decisive, no-nonsense action of Gwinnett County Police Chief Butch Ayers, the two officers were fired within hours after the videos surfaced. First, officer #2 is seen running to the scene where officer #1 had suspect Demetrius Hollins handcuffed and lying face-down on the concrete street. Officer 2 is seen kicking the suspect--apparently in the face--with his regulation shoe. Later, a cellphone video of officer 1 surfaces that shows him delivering an all-out punch to Hollins’ head as he attempts to exit the car with his hands raised.

Swift consequences...

Officer 1, Sgt. Michael Bongiovanni, reported his colleague’s kick to the suspect’s head, but failed to mention his own actions prior to Master Officer Robert McDonald’s arrival. That angered Chief Ayers so much he let the 19-year veteran go. Chief Ayers saying, “One thing we will not tolerate in this police department is providing false or misleading information.”

McDonald, who had served on the force for three years, was the first to go. The misdemeanor cases handled by these two officers are being jettisoned by Gwinnett’s Solicitor General; DA Danny Porter is reviewing the felony cases in which they were involved. The officers have secured the services of attorneys, as is their right to do.

The aftermath...

So, I’m sending a huge thumb-up to Chief Ayers and the Gwinnett County Police Department for having the courage to do what’s right. It is long past time for the African American community to respond with praise when these situations are handled quickly as some do when they such are mishandled. We don’t need to be reminded that the abuse has happened before and may continue. Right now, let’s just revel in the fact that this time...THIS TIME...we didn’t have to fight to have the justice system respond as it should.

Lyn Vaughn

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