APS to reconstitute Perkerson Elementary; all teachers will have to reapply for job

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Teachers and parents at Atlanta's Perkerson Elementary are learning none of their teaching staff will be renewed at the end of the year.

"No one wants to be in this place."

The Atlanta School Board has decided to reconstitute the school, which means all Perkerson teachers will have to re-apply for their jobs at the end of this school year to see if they can be hired back.

"Staff are able to apply for the jobs and they will have to make the case and show that they can make a difference with those students under the programming that we're offering," said APS Superintendent Meria Carstarphen.

Perkerson was identified in 2014 as one of 16 low-performing schools by the governor and the state.

"Here we are four years later and it is the only school of the 16 schools that we were targeting intervention for that has not moved around performance," said Carstarphen.

Parents we spoke to on Tuesday only knew bits and pieces of the situation.

"My grandchild is doing good. She has improved a lot. A lot! Her teacher communicates with her. She communicates with my daughter. Communicates with me," said one grandmother.

It's a last effort before a possible takeover by the state. Pekerson has been one of the lowest performing in the Georgia.

Carstarphen says this change doesn't mean all the teachers are bad. But after adding reading and math specialist and more teacher training and still no progress to stay they must be a good fit.

"You could be great in another environment with a different demographic or a different programming focus, and we've had that before," said Cartarphen. "And then there are fair enough some staff members who should not be in education or would not be able to do a good job in any school in APS and those things have their own process for performance matters."

The school year will go on as usual here at Perkerson.. Teachers will have to reapply at the end of the school year. Those who are not rehired here, get priority at other APS schools where they may be a better fit.

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